[PodiSubs] Dorohedoro - 01 v2 [720p].mkv

2020-01-15 00:01 UTC
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Translator and Typesetter - Jeiku Proofreader - Blumiere Thanks Ohys for the raw and this is our first fansub, also we fixed every mistake we could find! # **Note: For early downloads just download only the .ass file and download Ohys's raw here https://nyaa.si/view/1211487, but still have the .mkv downloading so that there's more seeders than just me!**

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  • [PodiSubs] Dorohedoro - 01 v2 [720p].mkv
    • [PodiSubs] Dorohedoro - 01 v2 [720p].mkv (401.2 MiB)
    • [PodiSubs] Dorohedoro - 01 v2 [Subs] (for early use on ohys-raw due to my internet being bad, please keep downloading the mkv so theres more than just me seeding).ass (26.8 KiB)
wow, you actually managed to find worse video
Still a couple of lines that I don't think make sense ("I'll do it again" at the starting scene is a bit odd to me still) and a spelling mistake at 14:00, but this is much better than the first release. Hope you guys keep it up and consider doing fansubs for newer episodes, just think it needs some small touch-ups now. ...but also, why did you guys pick lower quality video from a worse source? No idea why you would downgrade from the 1080p Netflix rip to the TV rip.
I mean hey, you listened to criticism. that's already a good bar to reach
Wait a minute, this is the same group that did the abysmal One Piece c967 scanlation when it leaked loool
Judging from the comments on the previous version, it seems you guys translated it by ear. I have a couple suggestions. Use the Netflix rip (here https://nyaa.si/view/1211500). It's better quality than Ohys. The rip also includes closed captions which you can use to translate and avoid mishearing things. I also recommend making an account if you haven't so you can manage your torrents.
^torn is the greatest subber to have ever lived listen to him