[KPMP] 6HP 6 Heart Princess / シックスハートプリンセス - recap 1-5 (要約 1-5) & episode 6「信じるものは何ですか?」(26.05.2019)[HDTV 1080p x265 10bit AAC][d93b7150]

2019-09-10 18:58 UTC
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https://anidb.net/anime/12682 the 1-5 recap has some slightly reworked art here and there and some scenes are differently ordered compared to the original eps 1-5

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  • [KPMP] 6HP - recap 1-5 (要約 1-5) & episode 6「信じるものは何ですか?」(26.05.2019)[HDTV 1080p x265 10bit AAC][d93b7150].mp4 (2.0 GiB)
still no one want to sub this :'( thanks!
I was going to say the same thing.This & Devidol.
Actually, it seems like someone is trying to get this translated. At least if this comment is to be trusted: https://nyaa.si/view/1166821#com-7
@Anonyneko can be trusted omg! Thanks!
@Anonyneko is also very slow, and needs to release Laidbackers first, but I fully intend to sub this while raws exist. Halfway done with episode 1, work's just been busy. However, I've been thinking about re-encoding the raws since I had some troubles with h265 - would @Permidion be so kind as to share the source .ts, if at all possible? Also, if there are any kobun (old Japanese) specialists around, there's a part of episode 1 that I would appreciate some help with to improve accuracy. I did my best with it, but I'm just your average fansubber next door after all.

Permidion (uploader)

@Anonyneko go on IRC network Rizon channel #news and ask for Permidion, I will PM you from there
There's a low-quality recording of EP 8 on Youtube--any idea when it might show up here?
You mean 7. But the question still stands.
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