Otomen (compete)

2019-06-24 15:41 UTC
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PLEASE SEED Format: .cbz Summary: Asuka Masamune is a badass. Really. He is a tough, cool, 2nd year high school guy who is also a master at kendo. He exudes an aura of manliness that is difficult to deny. Everyone at school admires him. But for Asuka, life is torture. You see, he can never show the *real* Asuka to the world. While he is phenomenal at kendo, and looks very cool, Asuka is living a lie. He actually prefers much more girly things: knitting, cooking, sewing, shoujo manga, plushies, cute thingsā€”he loves them all. When he was a child, this worried his mother very much, as Asuka's father abandoned the family after declaring he wanted to be a woman. The shock made his mother so ill that Asuka swore to become a more manly man. Poor Asuka. Bound to this promise, he goes through his life acting macho and cool, when all the while he would much rather read the latest Hana to Mame comic at the book store and dream of a shoujo manga romance. When Asuka rescues a female classmate, Ryou Miyakozuka, from some bullies, he instantly falls in love with her, and his desire for cute things and sparkly shoujo romance is reawakened! https://myanimelist.net/manga/878/Otomen?q=Otomen

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This is? https://myanimelist.net/manga/878/Otomen?q=Otomen Thanks!!
Thanks for the upload but the manga is really bad :P
Thank you!! Love Aya Kano
Thanks. I was just hoping to search and saw this on home page.