初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade

2019-03-09 13:03 UTC
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**THIS IS A RAW DUMP! IT REQUIRES PATCHING OR A LOADER TO OPERATE ON A HOME PC! IT MAY NOT WORK WITH AMD GPU! THIS IS NOT THE GAME STILL COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE IN ARCADES! PLEASE SEE THE README FILE!** ![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/RKR91Yx.jpg "Project DIVA Arcade Version B") I'm seeding this arcade PC dump because it's just been released into the wild and Google hasn't indexed it yet. This does not work out of the box; it's a "raw" dump of a Windows-based coin-op game. This is "Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade" ("PDA"), the older arcade game that runs on SEGA Ringedge and has four main buttons, *not* "Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade Future Tone" ("AFT"), the SEGA Nu game. As of early 2019, there is no public dump of AFT. Two Discord servers have solutions to (possibly) get the game running. Neither of them can provide you with this dump, neither are associated with me or the person who made the dump, and neither want to get hosed by SEGA. The first is a [Project Diva modding community](https://discord.gg/cvBVGDZ) that works on mods for the whole range of Project Diva games. Try looking at all the pinned messages in their channels for the system requirements and tools to start and control the game. The tools are still WIP. The biggest challenge is that the game requires a *dedicated NVIDIA GPU.* The other possibility is the arcade PC loader, [Teknoparrot](https://discord.gg/vHgwnYj). As of this writing, you have to make a Patreon donation of at least USD 5 and maintain it every month to play PDA. There are free and open solutions elsewhere, but hey, it's your money. Again, these guys are all doing good work, but they wash their hands of the actual dump. As I said, work continues on patches and loaders. At the time I write this, the game is playable but not all functions work. Most of the GUI and song titles are in Japanese, though translators are already making a lot of headway. DIVA.NET doesn't function, IC cards/emulators are not supported, and you can't log in or save high scores. If you want it, go code it. Please feel free to take this raw dump and patch in functionality, songs, translations, boobies, whatever, and share the love. **Thanks and enjoy!**

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There is an open source loader for this game, it can be downloaded at <https://github.com/samyuu/EvenMoreLegitArcadeController> For the batch file to run both of the game and the loader properly, the content should be like this: ```bat @echo off start diva.exe -w timeout /t 10 /nobreak start /b elac.exe ```
Or You can just use teknoparrot https://teknoparrot.com/
"Changes in TeknoParrot 1.91 Release: Project Diva no longer requires Patreon." Extracting now to test if it works.
How to play this game?
This is my brief comparison between [Teknoparrot](https://teknoparrot.com/) and [ELAC](https://github.com/samyuu/EvenMoreLegitArcadeController). It’s your own choice so use them at your own risk lol. | | **[Teknoparrot](https://teknoparrot.com/)** | **[Samyuu ELAC](https://github.com/samyuu/EvenMoreLegitArcadeController)** | |-----------------------------|:-----------:|:----:| | **_Usability_** ||| | _Easy to use GUI_ | **YES** | no | | _Open Source_ | no | **YES** | | _Customizable_ | no | **YES** | | **_Functions_** ||| | _Input Emulator_ | **YES** | **YES** | | _Touch Panel Emulator_ | no | **YES** | | _System Timer_ | no | **YES** | | _Player Data Customization_ | no | **YES** | | _Frame Rate Manager_ | no | **YES** | | _Camera Controller_ | no | **YES** | | _Debug Component_ | no | **YES** | | _SysInit Emulator_ | **YES** | no | | _IC Card Emulator_ | no | no | | **_Community_** ||| | _Supportiveness_ | **YES** | no | | _Documentation_ | no | no | | _Transparency_ | no | **YES** |
I got it to run using elac and that .bat file. Had to set diva.exe to run on Nvidia instead of integrated graphics. I can't get past the title screen though. I'm not sure how the controls work.
You can set your **_keyboard_** mapping in `keyconfig.ini` file. Default configuration is as below. ``` JVS_TEST = F1 JVS_SERVICE = F2 JVS_START = Enter JVS_TRIANGLE = W, I JVS_SQUARE = A, J JVS_CROSS = S, K JVS_CIRCLE = D, L JVS_LEFT = Q, U JVS_RIGHT = E, O ``` To use with your **DualShock 4** or any controller, you have to bind the **_face buttons_** with your **_keyboard keys_** using third party softwares like **InputMapper** or **Steam**.
How to use this elac?
Hell me please so that I don't waste my time just downloading but I can't play it
One time only per ELAC version, drag `diva.exe` on top of `prepatch.exe` inside your file explorer. Every time you'd like to play diva, *first* start `diva.exe` and afterwards run `elac.exe`. To run in windowed mode, start diva with the `-w` parameter. To run in 1080p, start using `-hdtv1080`. To change your key bindings, edit `keyconfig.ini`. Currently only keyboard input is supported.
Ok now working, thanks, and how to change resolution?
I got it to fully work on teknoparrot. The "Insert Coin" button gets me past the title screen and play. The "start" button doesn't do anything on teknoparrot. On ELAC, still stuck at title screen, the "Enter" / "Start" button doesn't work. I noticed that when I run the .bat, it says "AddComponents(): Unable to parse components.ini" in the separate diva.exe black window and not sure how to fix it.
I finally got it to work! I can't believe how easy the solution was. I just have to remove the japanese characters from the folder. Renamed the folder from "初音ミク Project DIVA Arcade" to "Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade" and I can play now. Deleted teknoparrot now.
Somehow when i play 1 song, the entire screen (background with miku dancing or singing stuff) got black but the button still working, that's for ELAC In Teknoparrot, it always say the jvs keyboard is not plug into the main can anybody help? this is the first time i got my hand on arcade game emulation stuff
the song i got black screen is Senbonzakura, other songs i play seem to have no problem atm
I get a playable black screen on Senbonzakura too. If I remember correctly, I've read some comments somewhere that 2d videos don't work. Senbonzakura doesn't have a 3d module dance video and uses a 2d video instead. That's why it's just a black screen.
How to make hdtv1080
To get the videos work, you must have Windows Media Player codec installed correctly on your Windows system. There are 3 solutions of patching this: 1. Use a 32-bit Windows 7 or suitable Windows versions like Win 8 Embedded or Win 10 LTSB with Media Feature Pack from Microsoft installed. 2. On your 64-bit system, with suitable versions of Windows, install Media Feature Pack of both 32-bit and 64-bit and then register your 32-bit `wmvdecod.dll` (in your `C:\Windows\SysWOW64\` folder). 3. Re-encode your movies files to WMV3 (Windows Media Video 9 Professional Profile) or MP4 (H.264 with K-Lite Codec Pack installed) and update your `pv_db.txt` accordingly.
For the teknoparrot jvs keyboard error, do you guys know how to fix it? Thanks a lot if you guys can help me with it :>
Hello everyone, I am Raki and this is my gift for you. This modpack is my first mod release out of the Project Diva series. <https://github.com/rakisaionji/FrankenToneArcade> Every releases will be logged at: <https://github.com/rakisaionji/FrankenToneArcade/releases> And bug issues is at: <https://github.com/rakisaionji/FrankenToneArcade/issues>
Thanks for the hard work! :3
I launch the game with teknoparrot v1.10.0.118 but got the black screen in the intro movie, title screen and song selection too. Can anyone know how to fix this problem ?
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I don't understand how to play with ELAC ... I downloaded the game from the torrent I extracted it and downloaded the zip that was on github now to play what should I do?
audio of the game is not even heard
I got problem with teknoparrot,in other side i don't know how to use the ELAC.Please, can someone make the tutorial to use the ELAC ? thank you